Baylee Sterner
Twin Falls, ID

Baylee Sterner Baylee Sterner has had to fight from the very beginning. Her mom, Sarah, was only nine weeks into her pregnancy when doctors knew something was wrong. A series of ultrasounds over the next few months showed damage to Baylee’s kidneys, stomach, and bowel.

Baylee was diagnosed with VATER syndrome, a group of birth defects that commonly occur together. Several of her organs were injured or incomplete, including her kidneys, esophagus, and intestines.

Doctors tried to keep Baylee in the womb as long as possible, but she arrived six weeks early at St. Luke’s Magic Valley. Air St. Luke’s flew her to
St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise for surgery when she was only hours old. She had three more surgeries before she was a month old, and has several more ahead.

Air St. Lukes

At five months Baylee weighed only 13 pounds, but she is growing. Thanks to the love and support of her mom, her dad Shaun, and her big sister Dakota – and her sessions of physical and feeding therapy – Baylee is making progress.

Her mind is sharp and clear, and her eyes are bright. She is constantly giggling and reaching for her toys.

“Having Baylee has strengthened our family and brought us closer,” Sarah says. “We just want her to get healthy and strong.”

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