Tim and Logan Dopp
Meridian, ID

Tim and Logan Dopp Tim Dopp and his son Logan have been hiking together in the Sawtooths since Logan was five. But when they set out to hike to Thompson Peak in the fall of 2005, it was the first time they had climbed so late in the season.

They were already on the trail when they decided to take a more advanced route. Tim looks back now and wonders why he made that decision, since they weren’t prepared with the necessary climbing gear.

Eventually they became trapped on the mountain at about 10,600 feet, unable to go forward or back safely. Tim was standing on a ledge the size of a Kleenex box, while Logan sat above him. When Tim called 9-1-1 on his cell phone, little did he know that he and Logan would not be rescued for 26 hours.

Air St. Lukes

Hampered by snow, ice, wind, darkness, poor visibility, and the Dopps’ precarious position, three helicopters and two search and rescue workers were unable to reach them. They were finally rescued by specialists from Jackson, Wyoming.

“Thank you just doesn’t do it for how we feel about those who put their lives on the line for us,” says Tim. “It just isn’t a big enough word.”

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